Leaked details reveal Twitter Music to come with Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and more

It wasn’t even a week since Twitter Music site went live and there are rumors already revealing details that Twitter Music will amalgamate Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, SoundCloud, Vevo and YouTube. A lot is still unknown about the service.

Twitter Music

Designer Youssef Sarhan of Sefsar revealed the information as he went creeping into the HTML code to find hidden gems. Luck was on his side as did hit gold as went deeper into it. He found out that it will be an app and there will be mobile and desktop versions of it. Following the trail, he came upon something that suggested that Twitter Music will integrate Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Soundcloud, Vevo and Youtube:

.iconmusic-spotify-connect-btn{background-position:-4431px -0px;height:32px;width:179px}

.iconmusic-player-source-rdio{background-position:-2801px -0px;height:19px;width:30px}

.iconmusic-player-source-itunes{background-position:-2751px -0px;height:19px;width:30px}

.iconmusic-player-source-soundcloud{background-position:- 2851px -0px;height:14px;width:92px}

.iconmusic-player-source-vevo{background-position:-2963px -0px;height:9px;width:53px}

.youtube-vid player{position:absolute;padding:10px;height:200px}

He even found out that the music controller will look like a CD and will offer the ability to buy songs. There will be explicit content too.


Users will also be able to follow other users which will be different from following someone on Twitter. It will have charts and shows and an option to compose tweets from the music app. He even found out that the artists will have biographies and noticed tiniest details like the font will be Proxima Nova (which is different from Twitter’s Helvetica).

A different study from Strategy Analysis on 2012 Twitter stats indicates that the chunk of Twitter users using a mobile device (phone or a tablet) rose from 56 percent to 71 percent. With Twitter introducing services like Twitter Music and offering the support of well known names like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and lot more, it will be interesting to see the music industry undergoing another makeover in its avatar. We are eager to see what change the combination of music and tweets will bring to this industry.

The leaks from Sefsar are a welcome news related to little known Twitter Music app and the full report can be viewed here. You can also follow Twitter Music here. What do you feel about Twitter Music app? Will you download it and install it on your mobile device or will you be still hooked onto your desktops? Do you appreciate Twitter integrating those services for your need or you feel Twitter is trying to monopolize on the market? Leave your comments below to let us and follow us on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook for more such exciting news.