Learn Office for Mac 2011 : Training, Tutorials, How-To, Video

Microsoft has released a set of downloads which would be of great help to those wanting to learn how to use Microsoft Office on their Apple Mac computer.

The Office for Mac 2011 training downloads include Portable Document Format (.pdf) and PowerPoint (.pptx) versions of all Office 2011 tutorials and videos, so you can customize them for group training or view them on your desktop.

The downloads include:

  • Training page for Word 2011
  • Training page for Excel 2011
  • Training page for PowerPoint 2011
  • Training page for Outlook 2011.

Download Page.

To access the same training online, visit microsoft.com/mac/how-to.

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  1. i use a MS Exchange account. when restoring from Time capsule back up outlook needs to “rebuild the data base”. when this is done all items not synched with the server are lost. The Microsoft help pages acknowledge this problem. This is such a basic weakness and is a disaster for me. any ideas?

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