Lenovo 10.1-inch IdeaPad Tablet P1 – Specs, Images and initial impressions

After a break I’m back with tablets, no good tablets worth reviewing hit the market recently. It was just BOOM! today when Lenovo 10.1inch IdeaPad was detailed. It cleared that the tablet wars are still on, ofcourse they won’t end till the demon Sony doesn’t bring its S1 and S2 tablets out in the market and so called iPad 2 HD or iPad 2 Plus, just in my opinion.


Helped by Windows 7, the hardware of Lenovo IdeaPad is really good and better than other tablets lying around here. It’s not possible to run Windows on CPU’s like A5, A8, Tegra 2 etc. Though being dual core the processors lack the power to run Windows on a tablet, they are just designed for light OS. Lenovo IdeaPad runs on Intel processor clocked at 1.5GHz, it could be the same Pine Trail architecture which we see in Viewsonic ViewPad 10. There is addition of 2GB DDR2 RAM running at 800MHz, that’s better support for Windows 7 on a small screen. Unlike those on laptops, the GPU isn’t made by AMD or Nvidia instead it’s powered by Intel HD Graphics integrated on the mainboard.

It’s added to the 10.1inch category of tablets where 1280 x 800 pixels play on the screen. There is no idea of display panel as of yet but I expect it to be TFT. The 10.1inch and the resolution gives the tablet 16:10 aspect ratio which in turn feels odd for some movies. Holding the tablet vertically messes up everything, the onscreen keyboard is no longer easy to use and user friendly.

It is available in two versions, the 32GB and 64GB. Yes, SSD’s. Unlike any other non-Windows tablet, IdeaPad 10 has SSD’s as storage media instead of the Flash memory. These SSD’s are lightning fast when they are coupled with Windows and boot the systems in seconds.

Connectivity includes 3G WCDMA and is optional, the primary ones are WiFi, 10/100 LAN (Ethernet) and Bluetooth. There is USB 2.0 X 1 port, microSD card slot (can be used as reader as well as for expanding the storage), Mini-PCle x3, Wireless WAN SIM, headphone and mic port and 0.3mp integrated webcamera for video calling.

Operating System

Windows 7 powers everything running on this tablet as we know its an desktop/notebook operating system its lot powerful than the light weight iOS and Androids. Certain jobs can easily be done on Windows 7 that we do on Androids. There are preloaded software on the device which include,

OneKey® Rescue System 7.0, Lenovo Energy Management, Microsoft® security essentials, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft® Office 2010 (for WW except JP), Microsoft® Office Pro. 2010 (only for JP), Lenovo® Ebook Reader, Lenovo App Manager, iFilter 5.0 (only for JP), VeriTouch, Software Keyboard, Intelligent Game, AngryBirds PC Version, ArtRage 3.0, YouCam 3.0, Lenovo Task Manager, Dock , Arcsoft TotalMedia Center.

However these software may vary by region. You are free to install anything that supports, and .exe’s are our friends since ages just try them. But this tablet will not at all run any games Certified for Microsoft Windows, so don’t expect any such thing from it.


The tablet is just launched and we didn’t get any hands on to check the battery performance. However the company states that, it provides upto 6hours battery backup with 2 cells but battery life may vary by configuration. The battery life provided will be of the lowest possible configuration, in my opinion. Let’s talk more on this when I actually try the tablet.


Lenovo brought a really good product this time and has got almost same hardware configuration as Viewsonic ViewPad 10 but still it will not perform as that of Viewsonic due to lower processor clocks, overclocking might work but let’s try that when we have our own. The looks are made cool but more as that of a toy. The pure orange color is really good and ‘Lenovo’ logo adds beauty to it. Rest all is just perfect, the pricing will clarify ‘to buy’ or ‘not to buy’.