The Lenovo IdeaPad K1 tablet: An impressive Pad with an idea!

What’s common between Apple, HP, Toshiba, Samsung and Acer? Even though being PC/laptop manufacturers, they have entered the tablet arena and are making waves, especially Apple. But among these, there are a few who still have to break the ice and introduce a tablet of their own. Among them was Lenovo. It silently observed the market situation where the manufacturers were engrossed in a tough scuttle and trying to be the one to stay on the top stair of popularity ladder for the longest time.

Having cleanly observed and experimented with the present pros and cons of various tablets, Lenovo took the much anticipated step and announced its tablet, the IdeaPad K1. Gosh, Finally !

So whats good in this tablet? You get a spacious 10.1-inch touchscreen (1280*800) to play with. Based on Android Honeycomb 3.1 OS, the Ideapad K1 is powered by NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 processor with 1GB ram; a respectable package. Weighing around just 1.6lb, the Ideapad K1 also carries a rear-facing 5.0 mega-pixel camera, a front-facing 2.0 mega-pixel camera (for video-calling), memory expansion via microSD, support for USB connections, a dedicated Home button, and model-specific Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

Coming from Lenovo, this a decent package and may emerge up as a frontrunner in the tablet race. The Ideapad K1 also sports a Lenovo-branded application store  with its own selection of essential and meaningful goodies; Moreover, you can avail expansive access to your favorite software applications via Google’s popular Android Market. If reading  this prompts you to head towards the store selling an Ideapad K1, then you got a few more reasons! Every IdeaPad K1 will come with 2GBs of free cloud-based storage, built-in productivity and social networking applications with online protection via Norton Mobile Security.

Whats the price? Hmmmmm . . . $449 USD for the basic 16GB model with Wi-Fi connectivity. Office Depot has started shipments and Amazon will soon follow.

Get one if you need one, for it is IdeaPad: the Pad with an ‘Idea’ :D

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  1. Do you think the K1 tablet or the Thinkpad tablet is good for high school work, OR should stick to the laptops?

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