Lenovo LePad A1-07 Android Tab in China – Specs and Price

Along with Toshiba AT 200 and Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo made its release of Lenovo LePad A1-07 Tablet last August. This Tablet finally made its debut in China. It seems like China has a chance to test most of the Tablets first.

Lenovo LePad Android Tablet Price and Specifications

LePad A1-07 Detailed Technical Specifications


This time we can go for color selection as Lenovo will be available in four different colors of black, blue, white and pink. It looks like all the Tablets have set a benchmark for their display that is the 7 inches 1024 x 600 resolution. Lenovo appears similar to the HTC Flyer. Sooner we will be expecting a 10-inch display with 1280 x 800-pixel resolutions in the future So that we can enjoy the web, movies, videos more clearly.


Most of the 7-inch Tablets are upgraded with Android 2.3 gingerbread as of now, but the rumor says that Android 3.2 Honeycomb will replace it so that Tablet becomes more compatible with the softwares and applications involved with it.


Lenovo LePad has a 1GHz Texas Instrument OMAP 3622 Processor rather than NVidia Tegra Processor used in IdeaPad. With 512 MB RAM Lenovo has 16 GB flash memory, and with the help of microSD slot it can be extended, if you remain with extra few bytes.


Lenovo LePad A1-07 comes with a dual camera. The rear-facing camera has 3 megapixel, which is absolutely no apparent as most of the tablets at least have 5-megapixel rear end cameras. It also has a VGA front-facing camera. With 3 MP I feel the clarity of the picture will be not clear as you get from a standard 5MP Camera.


The 3550mAh battery pack is enabling as much as 7 hours of operation for each charge. Well, there are plenty of other tablets with 9 to 12 hours of battery life like Samsung Galaxy Tab. Compared to that tablet this is nowhere comparable.


Lenovo can be connected to other devices by its Bluetooth connection, micro USB port, and a standard Wi-Fi connection. It will be lighter in your pockets with just 400 grams with its size 195 x 125 x 11.95 mm.

Lenovo LePad A1-07 Price and Availability

Lenovo LePad A1-07 sells in China market for around $390. However, launch information in the US remains unclear. Stay tuned on The Geeks Club for the update on this Tablet. What is your opinion on this stylish Tablet from Lenovo?