5 lessons that Facebook needs to learn from Twitter

Facebook is quite much in the news lately after the excitement for its IPO, its debacle and the losses it incurred and finally the legal suits against it whilst Twitter has been going all calm and sundry. In fact, in this race of being the best social networking site, Twitter is emerging as the dark horse. Let’s find out a few lessons which Facebook needs to get ’em right, from Twitter.

Never compromise on privacy:

This is one lesson that Facebook needs to learn and adhere promisingly for it has brought much troubles for the social networking giant. Facebook was accused of tracking user’s activity even after they logged out of the website and this was challenged in the court to a tune of US $15 billion. There have been earlier instances where Facebook is said to have intruded into the personal details of its users without the required permissions or need. Though it’s their own company but the folks at Facebook cannot do as they please. There are rules everywhere!

Keep it sweet and simple:

Twitter users are in love with its simplicity. A handful of features, simple jargon and effective communication: that’s it. Unlike Facebook where the whole user interface seems to be in a jeopardy. Too many modules, even more actions on each one of them makes it a hugely complex social experience. Add to this the constantly changing features and we now have an answer for why users are deserting Facebook.

Too much of intuition destroys it:

With its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, owning a degree in psychology doesn’t mean that he should read the mind of every user and behave accordingly. This whole activity leads to a mess up while dealing with the user interface. There is a thin line between the level of intuition used in features/actions. Too much of it spoils it.

Constant Monitoring:

Twitter always keeps a check on fake profiles, harmful or inappropriate content and even deletes automatic bot profiles regularly. Though it does have rules and regulations concerning this, Facebook should learn to effectively implement it. There have been numerous complaints over the harmful/malicious content posted on pages (many are still active now) which shouldn’t be live on the network. Not removing them instantly only adds fuel to the fire.

Clean with no Ads:

Users prefer a clean environment devoid of the irritating ads. Twitter gets a thumbs up here, Facebook doesn’t. Nobody would want to read about ads on ‘Hot and Sexy singles‘ in a Facebook group dealing with marriage counseling. Ads of course generate revenue for the company but the type of ads, the quantity of ads and the appropriate place of posting ads can be always controlled.