‘Let’s talk iPhone’ – Live Blog!

The wait is finally over! iPhone 5 is just few hours away. I’m personally excited for the iPhone 5 and I see you too. The Geeks Club will be bringing live blogging of the Apple’s ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event.

Stay tuned to The Geeks Club, for every moment update.

Update 1: Apple Online Store is down.


Update 2: 30mins to go and people are waiting in line.

[BREAKING] iPhone 4S confirmed on Japanese Apple store, go check yourself : Apple – Retail Store – Shinsaibashi


Update 3: Tim Cook is on stage. With style subtle than Steve Jobs, he unveiled some numbers announcing Shanghai as largest store in Asia. 100,ooo visitors stopped by!

 Update 4: Tim is going to walk audience through 4 most popular products of Apple Inc. First is being Mac!

Update 5: Growth of Mac is 23%  since last year where in case of PC is 4% as confirmed by Tim through Bar Graphs! Similar applies to Windows and Mac comparison.

Updates 6: Apple iPod has covered 78% of Music player market as graph shows! but still more than 60% users across the world are not buying Apple products.

Update 7: Scott Forestall on stage for introducing us to figures of iOS, which accounts 61% of market. iPad have larger share!

Update 8: Developers are getting good rewards for their efforts with over $3 billion spent for it!

Update 9:  New cards and printed options in iPhoto!

Update 10: printed iPhoto cards are available at minimal prices. Available to download from October 12!

Update 11:  New notification center on iOS 5. Notifications no longer block screen. Can be seen from locked screen. Just swipe down to check them and go directly to the app that has created it!

Update 12: iMessage: Messenger service between iOS users. Messages can be pushed to all devices over wi-fi and 3G.

Update 13: iOS5 finally drops on12th October.

Update 14:Now Eddie Cue is talking about iCloud. You’ll be able to edit documents on one device, and see those edits on another, back up your devices, and store photos, all thanks to the magical cloud.

Update 15: iPod Touch in Black & White Colors:

Update 16: Eddie Cue reveals iPhone4S

Update 17: iPhone4S  Dual-core A5, 7 x faster graphics.
Update 18:The new camera is going to be 8MP, at 3264×2448, with 33 percent faster capture. This is great!

Update 19: iPhone 4S gets Face Detection, 26% better white balance, 1.1 seconds ‘shutter’ speed?

Update 20: iPhone 4S: 1080p HD Video recording, can make Squirrels stand still, apparently.

Update 21: Apple brings Siri voice control to the iPhone:

Update 22:If only Siri voice control responded in Majel Barrett’s voice.

Update 23: Antenna’s had a lot of love here, up to 14.4Mbps max HSDPA download speed

Update 24: iPhone 4S: 1080p HD Video recording, can make Squirrels stand still, apparently.

Update 25: big news: iPhone 4S has a hybrid GSM & CDMA radio. It’s a world phone

Update 26 :Antenna’s had a lot of love here, up to 14.4Mbps max HSDPA download speed

Update 27: iPhone 4S has a ‘State of the art Wireless switching system

Update 28:6 Hours 3G browsing, only 9 on WiFi? Less than last year’s rated 10 hours WiFi.

Update 29:Siri languages supported: English (US/UK/AUS), French, German. Pointing out it’s in Beta.

Update 30: BREAKING NEWS: Sling Box says that “Maybe there is no iPhone5 this year”!

Update 31: iPhone 4S Pricing – Black and white versions 16GB: $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399.

Update 32: iPhone 3GS is ‘Free’ model, 4 ‘Midrange’ 4S ‘Premium’.

Update 33: iPhone3Gs (That’s free on contract, don’t queue outside your Apple store demanding an iPhone 3GS, gratis)

Update 34: The big news: Sprint’s got the iPhone 4G.

Update 35: Release date: US / Can / Aust / UK / Fra / Ger / Japan – October 14th

Update 36: Rest of Europe / Mexico / Singapore October 28th

Update 37: No ‘One more thing’. Tim’s said his goodbyes and we’re done..

Update 38: NO iPhone5!

Update 39: Event is DONE!