Leverage the Android Market to brand and market your product

Have you ever thought of Android Market as a great Community For Your Brand? Yes, I am referring Android Market as a “community”. What does the term “community” means to you? A place to meet and share, right?



Now the question comes – “what?”

Well as Google may have said it – “Discover Apps and download or send to your devices instantly”.  But have you ever tried to think out of this context?

Whenever people download a viral app from the Android Market they get used to it. Not to mention the engaging games like Angry Birds which make people bug their Android Phone five hours a day. So why not make your brand a part of it?

Imagine the effects you can have when people starts seeing your brand on their mobile phones for hours every day!

Not only that. They obviously talk a lot about things they like on their mobile. Try to realize the power of socializing your brand through a viable medium like mobile phones, and that also from Android Market – the most stable open source mobile app platform. Thousands of mobile applications are being downloaded by Android users every month.

Have your own Android App uploaded in the Android market for free and you can start reaching thousands of users at a time. You can start selling your apps for nominal prices which on thousands of downloads makes a bigger price. You can provide minimalist features in a free app and then make a premium paid version of the app. You will find people going more for the premium versions as modern Android users pay a lot for their phones, and they can pay for the apps too.

Try it, and see your brand awareness zoom!