LG dismisses Nexus 5 rumors, might partner Google for future devices

LG mobile European VP Kim Wong has revealed about the company’s plans for the future in an interview to Dutch website allaboutphones.nl. He said that LG does not have any plans to make the next Nexus device for Google even though Nexus 4 was a great hit.

He also added that LG is looking at the option of a different OS than Android as they see Apple and Google forming a duopoly in the Smartphone market. It is more likely to be Firefox OS as Mozilla listed LG as one of its partners upon the announcement, although the Ubuntu OS is not ruled out either. He also revealed that LG won’t be releasing any Google Edition variant for its flagship as he does not see any value for the manufacturer without their own skins on the top of the OS.


Coming to tablets, he revealed that LG is planning to launch an Android tablet soon. There have been rumors about this before, but Wong did not release any further details related to the tablet.

Coming to more interesting bendable displays, he revealed that a flexible display Smartphone won’t materialize in this year. In his own words, he added, “The technology for this is not yet mature enough. The L9 processor that is in our televisions is made for a substantially different architecture than we have in our mobile phones.”

It is not clear from the translations, but we believe he meant just Smartphones because LG has showcased an 5 inch flexible Full HD OLED display with a plastic substrate last week.

Later on, LG clarified on Wong’s comments to TNW adding that some of his comments might be misinterpreted:

What Mr. Won Kim said is that we are not currently working on a Nexus 5, which is true. But that doesn’t mean we would turn down the opportunity.

This means that LG hasn’t ruled out working with Google in the future for another Nexus device or some other devices. With this comes the interesting question of who will be manufacturing the next Nexus device for Google then? As per the rumors, Motorola and Samsung are also in the talks so we will keep our fingers crossed for more.

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