LG G-Slate – A Strong Competitor of Apple iPad?

Wear these glasses please! Not for the scorching sun but for watching 3D video.

LG’s first Android 3.0-based tablet G-Slate will let you enjoy the 3D videos on its 8.9-inch wide screen. It promises 4G speed with entertainment apps like watching TV, playing games, reading magazines, etc.

It can be very much confusing to choose the better between LG T-mobile G-Slate and the iPad. While discussing about it, sometimes it seems like it is better than iPad but sometimes it’s not.

The good things:

  • 8.9-inch wide screen and resolution 1280 x 768.
  • Jitter free 3-D modeling graphics.
  • Ultimate gaming experience.
  • Snaps will be more interesting with 3D camera, 5 Mega pixel rear facing with LED flash, auto-focus, capable of 1080px video recording.
  • Easily fits in your budget.
  • Free 3-D Glasses.

What’s disappointing:

  • Wide screen is problematic for reading e-books.
  • Battery life and standby time are less than iPad 2.
  • It is not easy to fit into a purse or large coat.
  • It weighs 630 grams – clearly much heavier and thicker than iPad2.
  • T-Mobile 4G is never like Verizon 4G.

G-Slate costs $200 less than the 3G version of the iPad 2 while both offers 32GB memory, but this is not enough to say that LG G-Slate is better. T-Mobile 4G cannot provide the same speed every where. It is tough to justify paying premium charges for cellular data services for two years, while the iPad has Wi-fi.

Ultimately, a thumbs up for the LG G-Slate is not possible now, comparing with the iPad, it has a long way to go.