LG Marquee Gingerbread Phone – Review, Specifications and Price

Have you ever thought about having a Mobile Phone with all the needed and demandable features which would be worth buying for the cheapest rate available? Here is one such opportunity by Radio Shack which is going to give you the all new LG Marquee which has been just released as the comment able new model from LG.

Basically this LG Marquee is said to be the re-branded version of the previous model by LG that is the LG Optimus Black. For your Knowledge, this new Mobile Phone is also called as LG LS855. Let us now have a look on the specifications of this mobile phone and decide on about the worthiness of its price.

General Features and specifications:


It is designed with a capacitive multi touch display having a TFT screen. The screen resolution is said to be about 480×800 pixels and the screen comes with almost 4 inches deep. This looks to be a feature on almost all the upcoming mobiles. When compared to the AMOLED display available in models like Motorola Droid Bionic, this seems to be a primitive version which is not much worthy.


The LG Marquee has a 1000GHz single core processor which is way too backward when compared to other mobile processors with dual core technology.


The LG Marquee has a 5 mega pixel rear camera and a 1.3 mega pixel front camera with a quality auto focusing LED flash which is again found commonly in almost all the high tier mobile phones of today.


The RAM possessed by the LG Marquee is almost good that is the 512 MB.

Operating System:

It has the powerful Android Operating System with the version 2.3 (Gingerbread), which is the latest of the OS.


It is having the CDMA technology used which makes it quite primitive.


It has a Li-On battery with the capacity 1500mAh which gives a talk time of about 647 minutes comes in most of the mobile phones of its kind.

This new LG Marquee has been actually made for the Sprint and both make a great combination. The main drawback of the LG Marquee is its CDMA technology and in comparison it is said to be the American version of LG Optimus Black.

LG Marquee Price and Availability:

The Official notification of the release date was entitled to be October 2011 and it is always worth giving a try just to know what made this phone be available on Radio Shack for a tempting price which is $29 with contract. However, this handset is available in Sprint for $70 more ($99 total) with 2 years term and a $50 email rebate.