LG new player to work on flexible OLED Smartphone, might release in Q4, 2013

Flexible display Smartphones rumors are filling the air ever since Samsung announced their displays at CES 2013 this year. The newest player in the market is LG who will work on flexible OLED displays now and there might be a commercial release by the end of 2013 in Q4.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal on April 24, LG Mobile’s vice president Yoon Bu-Hyun said that it is closely working with LG Display to bring a Smartphone with flexible displays to the customers. It is technically wrong to say a flexible display Smartphone since circuitry and battery designs prevent that. At most, we might see a wrap around display, if both affiliates are able to come up with one.

Flexible Display

Samsung showed off its 5 inch demo unit with a flexible screen at CES 2013 in January. Nokia has also shown off similar prototypes. A year ago, LG also showed a design for a flexible display for E-book readers. Both competitors Samsung and LG have been claiming that flexible displays are on their way for quite a long time now but nothing has materialized as yet.

The report which appeared in WSJ also added quoting some analysts, “Investors are likely to closely watch whether LG will be able to deliver such a phone given the still low production yield for next-generation displays.”

The news of LG’s plans for flexible OLED displays for Smartphones come a few weeks after the company reported lukewarm Q1 earnings. Compared to the previous quarter, the company’s $134 million profit was down by 74 percent. LG Display is one of the pioneers in display technology so they might just come up with a flexible display but nobody can count on the Korean giant’s word, especially when it has missed several release dates.

Even though availability is improving with more reports and prototypes being seen in the market, we would suggest you to take the news with a pinch of salt since none of the displays have made it out of trade show demos. Keep following our blog for more such info and leave your comments below regarding your thoughts on the same.