LG Shows Dual Screen QWERTY Phone

A lot of smartphones are arriving almost daily in market … and all with great functionality. Smartphone makers always try to bring something better every time and that’s what is done by LG this time by bringing a dual screen QWERTY Smartphone to the market. This new LG phone has sliding form factor, with one main screen located as usual and other between the QWERTY keypad.

LG Dual Screen qwerty phone

The design of the phone is developed after many LG successors like LG Quantum, LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black. There is however no information regarding the hardware specifications as of now. It will be available after a break!

Honestly, I think there was no need of the second screen. Its just useless, or could be used for some shortcut application launch. Well, its Android and that can make shortcut apps launch just by several easy gestures, which is even more easy than this secondary screen. This screen took its place on the slider and that made the QWERTY keyboard split into two halves, which made the easy QWERTY typing experience difficult.

Camera is supported with LED flash but yet no information regarding the megapixels of the camera and also the native resolution of the device. I think the primary screen will be WVGA where as the secondary screen will be something lower than that may be VGA.

The phone will be contracted over T-Mobile as the name appears over it. It initially appeared at an event in London which was held by Orange and Kineto Wireless, the phone is used to demonstrate the Orange’s Signal Boost technology.

According to the road map of LG, this device could turn out to be FLIP II or Maxx Q. I doubt that it will be featuring Android 2.3, or could be yes! You never know! it depends on the hardware configuration, about which we have no idea.