LG Vu 3 Smartphone, LG G Pad tablet: Leaked specifications, launch date

LG is rumored to be developing the next generation LG Vu Smartphone despite the first two generations of the Smartphone being not very successful. The leaked specifications indicate some beastly upgrades. The upgraded LG Vu 3 will come with 5.2 inch 1280x960p display resolution up from the original 5 inch 1280x720p resolution, and it will retain the 4:3 aspect ratio of its predecessors.

Other upgrades include the dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor being upgraded to beastly Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, which is the best mobile CPU as of today. LG Vu 3 is also predicted to keep the 2 GB RAM which was also sported by its predecessor LG Optimus Vu 2. As you would have noticed by now that LG will also drop the Optimus branding so that the next Smartphone will be called LG Vu 3.


According to Korean site Asiae.co.kr, LG Vu 3 will also feature a 13 MP rear camera and LTE-A support. Vu 3 is also expected to come with a stylus but it seems rather odd that how does the 4:3 aspect ratio will encourage users to choose Vu 3 over the recently revealed company flagship LG G2 or any other regular format Smartphone. LG should have pondered on the fact that if 4:3 aspect ratio would have worked then LG Optimus Vu and Optimus Vu 2 would have been successful.

According to other rumors, the expected model numbers are F-300K, F-300L and F-300S, but it is not yet known how these will differ from one another. A good guess would be regional differentiated variants. There is no information on which Android version is going to go into the device, but we expect it to be at least Android 4.2.2. The device is expected to be launched at the LG event in IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin to be held from September 6 to 11. Check out our previous report on the leaked images from the camera of LG Vu 3.


In related news by Techblog.gr, the upcoming tablet from LG is dubbed LG G Pad and will feature an 8.3 inch 1920x1200p Full HD IPS display. The tablet will be powered by a quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM. The report says that the tablet will be a very thin device with even smaller bezels and will come with Aluminium back and without any voice calling support. The tablet is also expected to be unveiled at the IFA trade fair in Berlin next month and will compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and next-Gen iPad Mini.