Liferea – RSS Feed Reader for Linux

RSS feeds are a valuable resource for every netizen out there, as they provide you the latest news snippets without leaving the comfort of your desktop and saving on your Internet data usage. There are many RSS readers out there for linux, but the sole reason why we’re talking about Liferea is its speed, size and stability.

Liferea when broken down is LInux FEed REAder. And that’s what it is. A simple, no-nonsense feed reader following the KISS principle, thats Keep It Simple Stupid! A mere 1.8MB of download will please even the biggest data-misers!

The interface is quite minimal, but don’t under-estimate it. It supports a number of different feed formats including RSS/RDF, CDF, Atom, OCS, and OPML, many of which its contemporaries can’t handle! It requires no additional libraries to be installed, unlike its contemporaries. Liferea’s just a fast, easy to use, easy to install news aggregator for Gtk/Gnome.

To add a new feed, click on the add subscription button. Then you have to enter the URL of the feed and the rest is done by Liferea itself! The feed appears on the left side of the window.You can change the update frequency by right clicking on the feed and clicking on Properties in the menu. To read the complete article, click on the Launch in Browser link on right clicking a news item. You can even search the fields, clicking on the search button. Gem of a software!

Currently Liferea isn’t available for KDE based systems but there is no shortage of alternatives, with Akregator over there. And who stopped you from getting Liferea work on for KDE? You can do that easily!

The latest stable version of Liferea available is 1.6.6 and is available for a free download. The links are given at the bottom of the article.

Useful Links: Site deb download RPM download tar.gz download.