10 changes that will make Linux beat Windows

Linux started off as an OS only for computer experts. With no user friendly features. Linux was a wild beast only the fiercest of computer geeks could train. Ubuntu changed that scenario by making an idiot friendly distribution that was for the masses. But even today, the regular Windows user is afraid to migrate to Ubuntu for some reasons. Here are some remedies as a tip for developers of Linux distributions.

One Click Software Installs

Even after the software center and package manager, installing packages in Linux is a pain, especially on PCs without internet connection. Windows and Macs have installers for packages inbuilt and installation on Windows and Macs is a breeze. Linux needs to do something apart from the source tarball archives and this is a must!

WINE Integration

I’ve talked about this in many of my articles, that WINE (Wine Is Not a Emulator) should be integrated into the Linux kernel for running Windows apps easily, which is one of the nightmares faced by the newbies in Linux, missing good old MS-Paint and MS-Office.

Simpler Settings

Although many people love Linux for this, but dumbed-down settings would appeal more to newbies. For example, the network settings are really complicated in Linux, even for experts.

Better Interface

Although not much can actually be said, but Linux desktop interfaces just can’t match up with Aero and Aqua in Windows and OSX respectively. Not all want to work in a boring desktop environment, although much work has been done, we aren’t satisfied yet!

Touch Support

Touch is supported on many of the Linux distributions but the output isn’t very convincing. Separate versions of Linux for touchscreens (like Android) for desktops will do the trick!

Driver Support

Although distributions come with a lot of drivers pre-installed but proprietary and old drivers for hardware that you need to use, hard luck. The driver finder service sucks and my old PMP wasn’t detected by a  Linux system. This thing can be changed only by high end manufacturers if they start providing drivers for Linux in their CDs as well!


Gaming in Linux sucks, everyone knows that. Big game makers must realize that it is high time they start developing for Linux. Services of games like Steam should be available for Linux as well.


Installing fonts in Linux is trouble. A permanent solution is required! Support for ttf files is welcome!!

Flash Support

Flash support is a part of many Linux distributions today but they can’t run flash executables. Our belief, they should!Linux Changes

Better device mounting

Yes, I’m acting like a newbie but I don’t like the /dev/sda1. I prefer E:\ and F:\! Get it?

The tips aren’t just for developers. They’re for you and me too. That’s the beauty of Linux. The fact that it is open source opens many doors. These are ideas upon which you and me can work upon.

Lets make Linux bigger and better! Supported by The Geeks Club!

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  1. You have probably never used linux. 70% is not true. And the other 30% can be solved with 2 clicks of the mouse. Keep trying though

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