Make your very own Linux Distribution Online with NimbleX!

Linux Distributions are completely open source and can be modified in any way according to the user. There are many software for Linux customization, like Remastersys, Reconstructor etc. But in this article, I’m going to cover a service that allows you to build your own Linux Distro easily online! Its name is Custom NimbleX.¬†

It is a wonderful tool with a GUI, allowing you to make your Linux distro without any hassles and keep a check on its size using a bar that indicates the size throughout the process. Hey, you can gift a personalized Linux to your soul mate this Christmas!

Here is a brief tutorial on the compilation of your own distro:-

1. Head over to

2. Select the level of customization you need and click next. Recommended option is umm…Recommended!

3. Next you need to select the package categories you’d like to install. Make sure you include drivers, libraries and network!

4. You can now select individual packages to install in each category. Each package has a nice little description too!

5. After lots and lots of such detailed menus, you get to the wallpaper customization step. You can select any of the wallpapers provided by the program, or upload your own too. I recommend the latter option!

6. Leave the sound settings as default ones!

7. Create the users in the next step. The password of root is generally root only, as a convention. So keep that in mind and move over to the next step, that is language selection.

8. Select English and proceed.

9. Now there is a final screen giving you the details of the packages and settings you’ve selected!

10. Now here’s the D-Day! Click on the settings button to start compiling the customized Linux Distro of ¬†yours. Once you start, there is no chance of changing any option so review them carefully.

11. You’ve made your own Linux!!! Download it now man!

Boast your coding skills to your friends (even if they weren’t involved) and if the BFF wants to know the secret, just redirect him/her to this article!!