Lion Tweaks: A tweaker for Mac OS X

OS X Lion is the latest version of Apple’s operating system, and it is packed with over than 250 new features, and great speed improvements and security enhancements.

But many users have found some annoying features that disturbs them while using their Macs. For example, the addition of the mail windows animation and the Crash Dialog Popup or the system windows new animation.

There was therefore a crying need for an application that would help user to benefit from the new features of OS X Lion, and have the familiarity of Snow Leopard.

And this application is “Lion Tweaks”! It allows users to customize and change the new annoying features and visual effects in Mac OS X 10.7. This application comes with easy to use interface. Lion Tweaks allows you to enable or disable the user Library folder or the 2D-Dock, and also disabling spelling correction or enable repeating keys and the permanent scrollbars or even changing the appearance of iCal and Address Book and much more  .

LionTweaks v 1.1

Here a list of  what you can change:

  • Enable/Disable the user Library folder.
  • Change to a 2D or 3D dock.
  • Enable/Disable system window animation.
  • Enable/Disable mail reply animation.
  • Remove/Add Reading List Icon in Safari.
  • Enable/Disable Spelling Correction.
  • Enable/Disable repeating keys.
  • Enable/Disable permanent scrollbars.
  • Show Hidden Files.
  • Disable Crash Dialog Pop-Up.
  • Get a new Stack List View.
  • Highlight Stack items on mouseover.
  • Change iCal leather interface to aluminium
  • Change Address Book leather interface to aluminium

Lion Tweaks