Best 5 List Of Useful iPhone Apps For Students

Today, students are very busy in studying, social calendars, searching for notes, sports, study abroad, party planning, food shopping etc. However, whatever busy schedule they have, students need to stay organized if they want to keep up with classes, maintain notes and study better. There are great mobile applications available which will help them to tackle the tasks involved with education.

Here are 5 of the best iPhone Apps, which are useful to Students in many ways.

1: MyHomework App:

MyHomework app is freely available iPhone App, which has a stunning visualization. It helps work overloaded students to stay organized by allowing them to view assignments by course, day, or week. Which will enables students to keep track of assignments and all of the various due dates just by creating a calendar of assignments. Once assignments have been completed and handed to lecturers, they can be checked off and can also be used to monitor progress. Assignments are in the color coded form, so it will help the students to know when due dates are coming and when they’re late.

2: Evernote App:

Evernote Apps for iPhone lets students to create notes, snap photos and allows adding multiple recording voice memos to a single note that can be accessed any time from iPhone. The other application also includes search features and a maps interface for browsing notes by any location. It’s free application supports syncs to an online account, as well as Mac and PC versions of the app so students can have access to notes anywhere.

3: NASA App:

The NASA App helps students to discover and gain NASA information right on their iPhone. It allows them for huge collection of images from NASA, shares the information with friends via Facebook/Twitter/email, library of NASA mission videos, orbit trackers, astronomy pictures of the day and delivers an extensive selection of updated information from various online NASA sources. It also provides information about TV schedule, Live streaming video from NASA television and enables Map and links to all of the NASA centers.

4: Wikipedia App:

The Wikipedia – freely available App provides easy mobile optimized access to Wikipedia articles. It’s a great Apps acts as a starting point for deeper research, it lets students search the encyclopedia whenever any idea strikes them. This app also let them share articles with friends; just click on the Share link; via email, Twitter, Facebook. Sharing various ideas with friends, family and colleagues is one of the best ways to strengthen social bonds and keep a conversation going.

5: New Oxford American Dictionary App:

It is the most accurate and a powerful App available for students. Its user interface is easy to navigate and very clear. There are mainly four menu items included in this app – Search, History, Browse, and more apps. It has more than 350,000 words, 60,000 audio pronunciations that are helpful while learning new words, phrases, explanatory notes and a powerful search tool. It is stored locally so that the user can easily to use it without any wireless connection.

These five apps are very useful for the students. If you are a student and you own an iPhone, then do install these Apps on your phone and enjoy the features. If you find this article useful, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

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