List of Unique Geeky Tech Gifts for the Holiday Season

Every time when any festivity comes, we end up giving usual gifts to our geeky best friends which are awesome tech products popular in the market. I see nothing bad with that, and for those who find it cool, here’s an article by our team.

But going on with the same thing always is not only boring but also not cool. If you want any cool gift for your friend, read on. Plus, nothing costs more than $30 here! The products are from ThinkGeek, a trustworthy retailer.

1. JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick

 This product is a uber cool joystick which can be attached to different parts of your iPad for an awesome gaming experience. It has a kind of move and touch mechanism that touches the screen according to the direction where you move it. You just need a game which needs input from an on-screen control pad. And it doesn’t damage the screen at all!Unique Geeky GiftsJust perfect buy for hardcore gamers, your friend or yourself, of course owning an iPad is a must. Works on several other tablets too, though. There is a smaller one available for iPhone and Android smartphones too! Follow this link.

Price: $17.99 for one, $29.99 for two

Price (iPhone version): $12.99 for one

Buy from Amazon instead

2. “Wire Glue” Conductive Glue

Sometimes a product comes that is so ingenious that you have to buy it. Take this one for instance. This wire glue is a glue that can conduct electricity, allowing you to make small circuits without any solder or lead. Electronics junkies will go gaga over it. And considering its price, I think you can order even 5!!Unique Geeky Gifts

This product can just replace your soldering kit. Definitely a must buy for electronics freaks.

Price: $3.99

Sorry, not available on Amazon. Buy from ThinkGeek

3. Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

Even the name quite rightly tells whats this product about. I ordered one and was really amazed. The ultimate stress buster, the bubble wrap is now a thing of the past. This 8 buttoned key-chain does look and feel like the original thing, no doubt. Unique Geeky GiftsThere is a little surprise too. Every 100th pop is always something special. I’m not gonna be the spoilsport. It costs filthy less and offers unlimited fun. 

Price: $4.99

Buy from Amazon instead

4. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

Whaa….. What did I just say?? Wi-Fi detecting T-shirt? I must be kidding, right… But my friend, I am not. This T-shirt has  LED indicators to show signal strength for 802.11b or 802.11g networks. It runs of three AAA batteries, the ones that can be bought from any local store. But its not just for utility mates. Its too freakin’ cool!Unique Geeky GiftsThis shirt can be washed too, with detailed washing instructions given in the packaging. The T-shirt is perfect for Mr. Show offs! And it isn’t costly too!

Price: $14..99

Buy from Amazon instead

5. Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

Its a genius idea! Pop one ball in and the other will shoot??? Yeah, damn cool! And the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon does just that. This device propels metal balls at great speeds through magnetism. It can very well be called a gun, although its not. great for parties and challenges too. The set comes with a set of barrels to aim at, and they look too cute as targets! We don’t wanna know the physics behind it, we want st the fun, and fun is what this provides. Unique Geeky Gifts


Grab it now for a price not too high. Show it off to your friends or gift it off!

Price: $29.99

Sorry, not available on Amazon. Buy from ThinkGeek

These 5 awesome products are sure to catch attention of all. Just gift them off to your friends or buy them for yourself. With Christmas approaching, geekiness will prevail this time!

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