Locomu: The ultimate stop for all Twitter Tools

If you are looking for an app or tool related to Twitter then Locomu is the perfect option for you.  Locomu is basically a Twitter apps search engine that lets the users know about the latest Twitter apps, their benefits, drawbacks and in general, everything about them.

Locomu: The ultimate stop for all Twitter Tools


The site has anything and everything related to Twitter, right from all free apps to all paid apps. It features to web apps and  Twitter-related sites as also desktop Twitter apps for all platforms.

No matter what your requirement is, Locomu has a solution for all your needs as they cover all apps for all platforms including WordPress, Mac, Linux, and Windows. It’s a very user- friendly website and displays apps and tools according to their categories.

On the homepage, you’ll see 4 sections:

  1. Featured – covers all featured apps
  2. Top free – lists apps which are free
  3. Top paid – as the name suggests, lists all the paid apps
  4. What’s new – all the latest and new apps

If you are a developer, then you can even submit your app to the site and get it listed like all the other apps. Interested?