Logitech Cube – A Wireless Mouse Controller and Slide Presenter

To be innovative enough one has to think out of the box. Logitech, defying all the conventional design of a mouse has developed a wireless cube that lets you control your cursor much like you would on your Smartphone touch screen. The company describes the futuristic mouse controller and slide presenter as ‘Logitech Cube’.

Logitech Cube Details:

One highlight of the mouse, oops! Cube is that it automatically switches to ‘Presenter mode’ when picked up and held in hand for navigating PowerPoint presentations and controlling the content on your computer.

It takes just a click or tap on the device to bring in the next slide and a single finger to scroll documents and websites up and down. Besides, the cube has an on/off switch to avoid wasting battery life and comes with a USB charging cable, pouch and three-year warranty.

To return to the previous slide you can flip the cube over in your hand and just perform a click. With respect to geometry, the tiny mouse is not a cube; it has been designed with portability in mind. The top portion of the cube houses two hidden mouse buttons and also a portion for scrolling. The Cube is compatible with both, personal computers and Macs and connects to them via a tiny, proprietary USB Unifying Receiver technology.

Summing up, if you like the idea of a mouse also being used for presentation, you will surely find the Logitech Cube as a good pick, especially for business travelers giving presentations. The handy pocket-sized gadget has a laser sensor that guides the cursor in mouse mode, so no more hassle of finding the mouse elsewhere or typing in a different area when your palm hits the touchpad accidentally.

The Logitech Cube  is priced at US$69.99 and will be available in black and white finish soon.


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