Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard with Backlighting Review

Logitech requires no introduction if you are a gamer. Keyboards designed by Logitech always set standards for other manufacturers in market. Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is one such candidate that offers great typing experience even in dark. With its contemporary products available at the costs that are too heavy for one’s pocket, Logitech’s product is available for $49.99 only on Amazon.com where you get 38% discount on original price.


Design of Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard

Probably the thinnest keyboard, measuring 9.33 mm, Logitech Illuminated Keyboard has got solid looks that promise durability and performance. Being part of Professional Keyboard line up, Illuminated keyboard is quite handy. Though wrist rest is somewhat different, overall design of the keyboard is quite attractive.

Wrist rest is smooth, thanks to anti-slip cover, for your wrists to lie on causing no itching sensation. Plastic border is present around keyboard that is clearly visible. With function keys marked in orange color, Logitech Illuminated Keyboard features Num Pad that was absent in its predecessor. It sports 6 feet long USB cable that is also made durable to mechanical jerks.

logitech illuminated keyboard

It has dedicated function keys for instant access to music, play/pause and other multimedia features. Unlike other products in market, this keyboard features indicators for Caps, Num and Scroll lock on bottom side.

Pleasant Backlighting For Late Night Duties

The main feature of Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is its backlighting. Unlike similar products in market that feature blue or orange backlight, this keyboard sports keys with white backlight making them pleasant to work on. In addition, it’s just characters on keys from where white light oozes out providing exact amount of brightness necessary.


However, brightness can be adjusted with the help of key, which is present in the row of function keys that has bulb sign printed on it. Users can select from four options including High, Low, Medium and Off as per requirements. Function keys can be customized with the help of SetPoint software that ships along with keyboard.

PerfectStroke for Noiseless Typing

Noise that comes out of keystroke can become irritating if you are working at night time where vicinity is silent and calm. PerfectStroke feature present in Logitech Illuminated Keyboard makes sure that your typing goes noiseless.


It is micro-scissor mechanism that makes even distribution on surface of keys when pressure is applied. It avoids creation of that small yet irksome sound making things much easier. It also avoids slippage making each stroke strong and natural.

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard


Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is perfect selection for late night work. With its weightlessness and durability, it is best suited for every desktop out there. Soft foamed anti-slip wrist rest and white illuminated keys make sure your typing goes smooth without any interruptions. PerfectStroke feature makes sure noiseless typing avoiding irritating sounds, which makes this keyboard perfect buy. And above all, this product is available at $49.99 on Amazon.com with special discount of 38%. Go and grab your share now!