Is 4G LTE in India smart enough to support iPhone 5?

Like we have already reported, iPhone 5 launch in India is scheduled on 26th of October. With the launch many carriers will be bringing some exclusive plans/offers for iPhone 5 users.

iPhone 5 is 4G LTE ready and this is among the fastest features of iPhone 5. US already has 4G LTE network where AT&T and Verizon, both offer the coverage. The UK has just got the 4G LTE network from Everything Everywhere. iPhone 5 readily supports connectivity from both these countries, but what about India?

Is 4G LTE in India smart enough to support iPhone 5?

The 4G LTE network in India is definitely not smart enough to support iPhone 5. That’s why using it on iPhone is not possible, all the iPhone 5 users in India will have to use the 3G network itself.

The reason that 4G LTE in India is not supportive is because of its radio frequency. 4G LTE network in India is not uniformly distributed. Right now, 4G LTE network is limited and only available in selected cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, etc. That’s why not all the cities have 4G LTE yet.

The 4G LTE network in India has different radio frequency than that is supported by iPhone 5. The radio frequency for 4G LTE in India is 2.3GHz (2300MHz). This is not the ideal frequency supported by any 4G LTE supported mobile device.

Almost all the LTE devices including iPhone 5 supports 4G LTE of frequency 2.1GHz (2100MHz). That’s why the radio frequency available in India is  not supported by iPhone.

Due to the frequency mismatch, iPhone 5 users residing in 4G LTE ready areas will not get its taste. The only way to get 4G LTE on iPhone 5 is by using the network with WiFi routers, possibly 4G dongles and getting it on iPhone 5 via WiFi.

iPhone 5 is surely going to be a hit in India, but lack of 4G LTE network here is going to disappoint the users.