Lumia 928 confirmed by Nokia, puts up a teaser picture only

Nokia has confirmed Lumia 928 by putting up a teaser picture only. The teaser site does not reveal any specifications or features but it confirms the name and its alliance with Verizon in the US. The teaser confirms it to be powered by Windows Phone. This comes soon after the printed magazine ad that mentions the amazing low light capabilities of Lumia 928 and give details of the presence of its PureView technology and Optical Image Stabilization feature on its Carl Zeiss lens optics.

Nokia teaser

A few weeks ago there was another billboard ad sighting that claimed it as “the best low-light Smartphone camera” phone and mentioned Verizon too. The rumors further strengthen the claim that it will be nearer to Lumia 920 than PureView 808 and will thus bring the goodness of Nokia’s optics and Windows Phone together. There is no confirmation of the same so take it with a pinch of salt.

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop recently gave away a hint that the new Lumia will be the new hero at a major US carrier and this Lumia 928 teaser confirms its inevitable launch on Verizon. The teaser image shows only the front of the device with no clues about the sides, the back and the top and the bottom. The teaser shows that it will come with Nokia’s trademark three capacitive buttons on the front. There is a presence of a front camera too.

Source: Engadget
Source: Engadget

The billboard sightings and magazine ads tell us that both Nokia and Microsoft are investing heavily in marketing resources to increase the share of their Windows Phone in the competitive market ruled together by iOS and Android. Nokia has summed up their teaser with the phrase “Stay tuned for updates.”

You can see the teaser picture here. Leave your comments about your opinions and expectations below and follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. “Stay tuned for updates.”


  1. For May 9th, they show the front and back of a phone and have a video demonstrating the audio recording capabilities.

  2. Less than 3 hours after your post, and they’ve already replaced the teaser picture at your link with angled views to see the width of the phone. They also have a video comparing it in low light to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

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