Lytro Camera : Shoot first and focus later!!

If you are a fan of photography how many times you get frustrated when you return home, after capturing the image to be surprised that you have focused on the wrong part ?

Perhaps most troubling for any photographer in the world is this mistake that lost a lot of shots and beautiful moments, such this picture, for example:

While the photographer made ​​a mistake by focusing on the metal valve  in the face of the camera instead of focusing on the diver who stands in front of him!

It is impossible to fix this mistake by any technology currently available . But “Lytro” company, revealed two weeks ago, a revolutionary technology that allows you to take the picture first and then select an area to focus later, on the computer.

Click on this link and such this picture, for example:

All you have to do is press on  the diver to turn the focus to him .. Simply! Try it!

Lytro”  camera is a revolutionary technology, announced two weeks ago by “Lytro” company in California. The secret lies in the ” light-field technology ” a tech that allows the camera to collect all possible details in the scene from different angles and with all depths of focus , to make the photographer determines what he want to focus on “after” taking a picture!!

This amazing idea brought by Dr. Ren, who is a professor at Stanford University, who began his research for years when he faced great difficulty in taking pictures of children playing quickly . He therefore invented a camera that allows you to focus on the area you want , in a calm

Regular cameras depends on the sensor that collects the amount of light that falls upon it from the scene, but “Lytro”  camera rely on a special sensor called “Microlens Array” that record the amount of light and its direction and intensity .

Cool eh!?

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