Mac Vs PC – The perennial debate continues!

Investing in IT tools comes with different meanings to different people. Some want it for mere paper works or regular communication and some want it to perform multimedia related applications like animation and graphics.

So you need to know the purpose well before purchasing a computer.  For most of us, a personal computer is considered as a long term investment So we want a machine that can serve our requirements effectively with due reliability.

Since, computers started playing the role of our best friend, people’s approach and outlook towards it has changed. Today, a modern homo sapien wants his computer to stand beside him in time of distress, guide him out of trouble, give him company when he is lonely and entertain when the sky looks gloomy. So he needs a machine that not only performs but also has the soft heart of a friend.

Now the problem is whether to choose the old faithful Windows PC or a fresh Mac?

Warriors have been fighting this never-ending war since ages. Supporters of Windows and fans of Mac, attack each other whenever they get any chance. Those who prefer Windows criticize Mac warriors as being ‘snobs’ whereas, Mac users often call Windows people as old-fashioned.

Now, there is no need to get worried. I will take you through this war-torn area! In the following paragraphs, I shall highlight briefly preferable aspects of PCs and Mac’s. Go through them carefully and make the final call.

Top Features of a PC:

  • Provides scope for total customization. Anyone can start working with a PC from the scratch to build it his own way.
  • PCs generally have quality software compatibility.
  • Most suitable for upgrades. You will still be able to run your Windows Next on your current Windows computer.
  • People are more accustomed with it because of long co-existence.
  • Posses a wider support system. Has a great ecosystem and freeware options.
  • Has comfortable backward adjustment capacity. For e.g. a Windows 7 can run on an old PC.
  • Around 90% people worldwide prefer to use Windows.
  • Has a greater satisfaction ratio.




Top Features of Mac:

  • Sleek design with a lovely body and impressive features.
  • Mac fits well with all other Apple products like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch etc.
  • It does not have any (notable) virus written for it; nor does it face malware attacks.
  • Mac allows running windows in a legal way via Boot Camp.
  • Quality and professional customer support system of Apple is an added advantage.
  • Unlike Windows, when you buy a Mac, it does not come pre-loaded with crapware and trial ware unlike a new pre-installed Windows computer. This is the tragedy of a Windows computer as such craplets, end up slowing down Windows.

Now, what do you think? If you take my personal opinion then you will certainly find me more of a PC supporter. After personally using and reviewing both PCs and Mac’s, I still prefer a Pc rather than a Mac machine. But then, its my personal choice!

Look, its all about personal comfort. We often avoid people whom we don’t like and never think about making friends with them. So don’t hesitate. Go for what you like and feel comfortable with. Don’t make compromises.

Remember, the machine in your hand needs to reflect your taste and complement your profile. So know yourself first before choosing your machine.

I am giving you some more reasons why PCs are more preferred than Mac’s:

Additional Features of Personal Computers:

Better Broadband Support: PCs generally gel well with broadband.  The Internet Service Providers [ISP] often don’t work well with Mac machines. Poor Mac users often ask for back desk support but they get not much help from the other end. Actually, its not there fault. Getting service of a reliable ISP that supports Macs is a tough task.

Better Variety: As I mentioned before PCs are available with numerous configurations but Mac has less variety. Its limited to three types only- Mac Pro, Mac Mini and iMac.

Less Support Cost: This is a real deciding factor to many. Users often have to pay huge sum of money, say from 50k to over 1 lack, as support cost for a Mac. This is absolutely bizarre. Not only this, Apple’s technical policy offers a frustrating 90-days back end service and warranty. You may have to spend sleepless nights thinking over it.

Easy Maintenance: A local mechanic can fix your PC in order but it’s difficult with Macs. A local computer shop guy can easily add extra RAM in any PC but you need experts [who are hard to find] for fixing a Mac.

More Options to Choose: Look around yourself and try to count how many firms produce PCs in the market. Can you really count it? Remember, there are numerous PC producing companies in the market but only one company build Macs. Ask yourself, do you want more options to choose or just one? Never let yourself in a situation where you have only one option to rely upon.

Don’t go by absurd claims. Keep your eyes open. Go to the store. See and judge for yourself. Be practical while choosing your personal computer.

Have I missed any features or drawbacks in a Mac or a Windows computer? If so please do share below in the comments.


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