MacBook Bandit Caught With Mac OS “Hidden” App

As we all know, Apple products are the most desirable gadgets all over the world. If you forget your Apple laptop in a shop or miss your bag in the train, there is no chance you can get back your laptop, it’s probably gone!  But thanks to the power of modern-day technology, a man was able to retrieve his stolen MacBook.

Smile! You’re on hidden camera.

When designer Joshua Kaufman’s Apple MacBook and a few pieces of jewellery was stolen from his apartment in March, Oakland, California, he didn’t panic. Joshua Kaufman turned on software called Hidden that he had previously installed on his laptop in December which allowed him to surreptitiously collecting snapshots of the rustler and even locating it anywhere on the planet.

So Kaufman hands over a  captured  photo of the thief’s face, to the Oakland PD along with the laptop’s location. But the Oakland police department initially informed Kaufman that they didn’t have the resources to help him and arresting the brazen thief. Kaufman decided to set up a Tumblr account called ThisGuyHasMyMacBook and posted incriminating pictures of the thief’s, to a blog. After posting pictures on this blog the story spread like wildfire on the Internet. It helped Kaufman’s case gain more priority and forcing the Oakland feds to finally take action.

The police track down and busted the crook, with the help of Kaufman’s collection of evidence (email which pointed to a cab service) that the thief was a cab driver. The police officers fooled the bandit into picking up in his taxi for a ride. When officer came face-to-face with Muthanna Aldebash taxi driver then feds confirmed the suspect and arrested him and recover the laptop inside his house. It felt like this application worth every single penny for Kaufman, as he paid $15 (£9).

However several people consider it to be a media stunt to promoting the application. Moreover it’s a remarkable story and conceivable proof that app such as Hidden or Apple’s find my iPhone app are capable in the safe return of property.

Via ThisGuyHasMyMacBook.

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