MacBook Pro with Retina Display: All you need to know

The retina display MacBook Pro rumors have turned into reality. Back at WWDC on Monday, Apple announced the all new upgraded MacBook Pro which has Retina Display. Straight from iPhone 4 to The new iPad and now the MacBook Pro, Apple’s Retina Display technology has enlightened Apple devices. Along with the Retina display this new flagship machine comes with better hardware and smarter uni-body design. Here is everything you need to know.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Retina Display

The 15inch screen is blessed with Retina display technology making it shine out of the box. Featuring double the earlier resolution, the new resolution of 2880 x 1800 brings each pixel so close that it is difficult to identify an individual. Retina display bring pixel density of 220 pixels per inch with support for millions of colors. This is an extraordinary technology brought first to the notebooks and has blessed photographers the most.


MacBook Pro with retina display has been updated with all new Intel Ivy Bridge CPU having quad-core architecture. This new Core i7 CPU is clocked at 2.3GHz and 2.7GHz depending on which variant you choose. Both the CPU’s are rather same just different clocks and better Turbo Boost reach.


Being performance powerhouse, it comes with 8GB on board memory clocked at 1600MHz and having DDR3 architecture. It even comes with configurable margin of 16GB if 8GB is insufficient for your needs.


The hard disk drive from the earlier Macs has been replaced with SSD’s like the MacBook Air. All flash based architecture is key point for performance and that’s why these SSD’s has increased the performance. The entry level MacBook Pro with retina display has 256GB SSD while the other one has 512GB SSD. These are configurable upto 768GB of flash storage. More the storage is always better but configuring it upto 768GB will overkill your pocket.

Size and Weight

All flash based architecture has considerably decreased the form factor alongside Apple has removed the optical drive and that’s why the new MacBook Pro is 25% more slim and much lighter than earlier Macs.

  • Height: 0.71 inch (1.8 cm)
  • Width: 14.13 inches (35.89 cm)
  • Depth: 9.73 inches (24.71 cm)
  • Weight: 4.46 pounds (2.02 kg)


The power resolution is balanced by Intel HD Graphics 4000 and all new NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M GPU having 1GB of GDDR5 memory and automatic graphics switching mode. It outperforms perfectly and provides well support to the million pixel technology.


  • MagSafe 2 power port
  • Two Thunderbolt ports (up to 10 Gbps)
  • Two USB 3 ports (up to 5 Gbps)
  • HDMI port
  • Headphone port
  • SDXC card slot
Wireless connections include 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.


It has built-in 95-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery which provides excellent battery backup. It keeps running upto 7 hours continuously for wireless web surfing and has up to 30 days standby time.

Price and Availability

Retina display MacBook Pro is already up for sale in US. You can get it through Apple Store or also online. It comes with hefty price tag and is only available in 15 inch model.

  • 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (2.3GHz) – $2199
  • 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (2.6GHz) – $2799

MacBook Pro with Retina display is an extraordinary innovation in notebooks and worth for its price tag.

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