Apple to launch New MacBook Pro at WWDC 2012

It looks like the MacBook Pro rumors spreading from past few months were true. Launch of refreshed MacBook Pro for summer 2012 is imminent.


The new MacBook Pro for 2012 will undergo complete revamp with its cosmetics as well as internal hardware. When in 2006 MacBook Pro was launched there was no change in its cosmetics. Perhaps this time Apple has decided to revamp the cosmetics as well.

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The upcoming MacBook Pro will include series of new hardware and a slim profile. The changes in the hardware will include new CPU, new GPU, better display, better connectivity options and slim design.

Ivy Bridge CPU

Ivy Bridge CPU was expected in MacBook Pro from past few months. The new Ivy Bridge was spotted in the OS X beta code, also benchmarks leaked on the internet shows quad-core Ivy Bridge CPU. Later 9to5Mac confirmed about the additions of new CPUs.

Ivy Bridge will include series of Core i7 processors with quad-core architecture. The Ivy Bridge CPU is well-known for its thermal tweaks, this means new MacBook Pro will heat less. The benchmarks leaked by Geekbench reports MacBook Pro has 2.7GHz Ivy Bridge quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM.

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Nvidia GPU

The AMD GPU coupled with current gen MacBook Pro will be replaced with Nvidia GPU for next generation. There are no confirmations, but the report from 9to5Mac says it will feature Nvidia GeForce GT 650M, a 28nm chip built on the “Kepler” architecture.

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Retina Display

Right from iPhone to iPad and now Mac, Retina Display is one of the historical innovation brought by Apple. MacBook will be the first Mac product to get the “jaw-dropping” Retina Display. Traces in the OS X beta says users will be able to adjust multiple resolution mode to adjust the sharpness and image size.

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USB 3.0

With complementary to Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 will also make its way in the MacBook. USB 3.0 in MacBook will be major upgrade over the USB 2.0 as it comes with better transfer speed. USB 3.0 will provide transfer speed of 5Gbps, still less than Thunderbolt, but much better than USB 2.0.

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Thin Profile

The optical drive from the current MacBook Pro is likely to be eliminated. This will make the MacBook Pro much more slim than the current, but not as slim as the MacBook Air. The keyboard layout will be also tweaked like the MacBook Air where the Power button will be situated on the keyboard itself.

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Launch Date

Bloomberg reports that, Apple will announce the new MacBook Pro at WWDC 2012. Along with this Apple is likely to announce iOS 6 at WWDC. Looks like this WWDC is surely going to be kickass!

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