Magnus – The Most Minimalistic iPad 2 Stand Seen till Date!

After realizing Apple’s iPad 2 potential which was a huge hit in the market many big companies and startups started coming up with accessories developed specifically for the device. And recently, Ten One Design unveiled Magnus, a magnetic stand for the iPad 2.

Magnus appears to be the most minimalistic iPad 2 stand seen till date. It is made of aluminium and is hand crafted. The simple stand takes advantage of iPad 2’s integrated magnetic properties.

There are neodymium magnets embedded under a thin strip of rubber, overlaid on front section of the stand whereas, side view displays a raised shelf. The 4 legged stand at the bottom of it includes small rubber feet that provide stand a good grip and prevent it from sliding around on table.

Once the Magnus is locked onto the iPad 2 there is a permanent attachment and you may require both hands to separate Magnus from your iPad, one to hold the stand and the other hand to pull the iPad free of the magnets.

Orientation seems to be the only limitation of the neatly designed iPad 2 stand. However, the angle works just fine when using the iPad with a keyboard. So the limitation gets overlooked. Plus, when the device is placed correctly, the stand virtually disappears from view.

One direct question that will definitely pop up in a buyer’s mind is – why should i buy Magnus when other options such iPad Smart Cover, a more portable acessory with greater functionality is available at much lesser price? The answer to it likely comes down to user preference.Some may like it while some may not.

Magnus is available at the link below for $49.95.

Ten One Design.