MailRecent, an Apple Mail plugin for Mac OS X

Apple Mail is one of the smartest and most fluent email clients that aims to deliver the best email experience one can ever experience on a computer. However, it does lack some important features that can make it more useful and efficient. MailRecent is a small Apple Mail plug-in that overcomes most of its deficient features. The application makes it simpler to transfer, locate or copy selected items to most repeatedly used folders mail box.

The application adds ‘Copy to Recent’, ‘Move to Recent’ and ‘Go to Recent’ menu items to Apple’s Mail application. These menu items contain dynamically-updated lists of recently used mailboxes. By using these 3 menus one can easily view the recently used mailbox folder and move or copy selected messages to any previously used mailbox folders.

Mail app

To move any message simply right click on it and select the required folder from ‘Move to Recent’ menu. ‘Copy to Recent’ menu copies the message to the selected folder. To clear recent items from the list, simply use the ‘Clear Menu’ option, available in the 3 menus.

By default, MailRecent sorts mailboxes alphabetically but one is free to use some terminal commands to sort them by time or frequency of use.

How to install MailRecent?

  1. Close all the instances of Mail App
  2. Open ‘System Preferences’, navigate the mouse pointer to ‘General’ window (Note: ‘Show recent items for Applications’ should not be set to ‘None’.)
  3. For users using Mac Snow Leopard, click on ‘System Preferences’ choose ‘Appearance’, open it and set the number of recent items for ‘Applications’
  4. Close ‘System Preferences’ and install the plug-in
  5. Confirm the installation from Mailbox and Message menus by launching the Mail App

Latest version features:

  • Performance optimization
  • Removal of unnecessary mail server quota requests that could have caused adverse issues


  • Intel
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Apple Mail 5.0 or late

Download page: MailRecent.