Major Developments for the Apple Mac in 2011

This time it came up together. The Apple Mac Family members are updated at once including the Mac OS X which we saw at the WWDC. Along with the software update, Apple even came up with major hardware too though they were not listed anywhere and were just out. These updates in the Mac Family from Apple includes,

  • Mac OS X  Lion
  • MacBook Air
  • MacMini
  • Apple Thunderbolt Display

Mac OS X Lion

We were hinted at the Mac OS X Lion at the WWDC in June along with the iOS and iCloud. Both these portable solutions are aimed at launching this Fall but Mac OS X Lion is already available at the Mac App store and is regarded as World’s most advanced operating system.
Mac OS X Lion brought all new features to the existing Mac platform and brings a all new amazing Mac experience. Mac platform is updated with 250+ new features this time which makes it lot more easier to use the system.

The new features include,

Better Accessibility functions, all new Address Book look and features, Drag-and-drop file sharing called as Air Drop, Auto Save feature, Facetime support for Mac, Disc Encryption using Vault, Better search option with Finder, Support for full screen applications,  integrated services such as iChat for Yahoo Messenger, new multi-touch gestures for MacBooks, All New Quick Time player, Improved Safari.
This is just a small look up over the Mac OS X, We have already covered Mac OS X Lion in depth previously and are constantly updating you with some additional features that we are encountering with.
OS X Lion is available to upgrade for existing Mac Users

MacBook Air

Apple brought complete make-over to its MacBook Air last year which gets a slight internal update this time. Locally called as MacBook Air 2011, there is no cosmetic update rather the internal hardware is changed. This update brings considerably change in the performance of MacBook Air. This update to MacBook Air includes,

Intel’s latest generation processors

Both the versions of MacBook Air are powered with all new Intel Core ‘i’ series processors which include, Core i5 and Core i7. Upgrade in the CPU architecture surely brought increase in the performance for Air and it is stated about two times better performance than previous.

Thunderbolt I/O port

Previously this year Apple along with Intel brought all new sharing technology called as ‘Thunderbolt’ and ported it to MacBook Pro. This update brings the same Thunderbolt port to MacBook Air for lightning-fast data transfer which is even faster than the Firewire and USB 2.0.

Flash Storage

MacBook Air sports new storage technology to a laptop which we generally see in portable devices from Apple (iPhone, iPod) The storage device is replaced with flash memory for faster transfers, quick boot ups and no moving parts.

Backlit Keyboard

As seen on the Alienware’s, MacBook Air keyboard is also enhanced with backlit keyboard. Backliting brings an exciting look to the existing keyboard of MacBook Air allowing you to type in dark too.
MacBook Air is priced as,
11inch 64GB – Rs. 56,900/- INR
11inch 128GB – Rs. 67,900/- INR
13inch 128GB – Rs. 73,900/- INR
13inch 256GB – Rs. 89,900/- INR


I think people forgot the MacMini, Yes, I’m one among them! But this update made a great entry of MacMini back. This update from Apple for MacMini includes changes in internal hardware.

Apple came up with changes in Processor which includes Core i5 CPU which is two times faster than the previous one that MacMini had. Even the GPU is updated to AMD Radeon having VRAM 256MB with GDDR5 support that brings two times better performance for gaming. Core i7 variant of MacMini is also available which comes with solid specs like dual hard disk drives and 384MB of VRAM. Thunderbolt revolution reached MacMini too, now MacMini also offers Thunderbolt port for its connection with other devices. Rest all includes increase in the storage option with 500GB drive or 750GB optional one and RAM is stretched upto 2GB or 4GB. HDMI port is soldered on the boar and that makes it easy to connect MacMini to any HDMI available.

MacMini is priced as,

2.3GHz 500GB – Rs. 33,900/- INR
2.5GHz 500GB – Rs. 44,900/- INR

MacMini with Lion Server

2.0GHz Dual 500GB – Rs. 54,900/- INR

Thunderbolt Display

We all are familiar with Apple’s display or you can say the iMac thing. Apple separately sells this display for MacMini’s or MacBooks. Apple updated this display too and brought Thunderbolt to this display which is even faster than our HDMI’s. Regarded as World’s first Thunderbolt display, it’s fast as light. This new display got LED back lighting giving better vivid display and realistic experience of HD’s running on 27inch. Thunderbolt is one part secondary features of this display includes IPS panel for better viewing angles upto 178 degrees. This display is completely Facetime ready providing built in camera at the top and a microphone too, if you connect this display with MacBook it allows you to Facetime with keeping the laptop closed. This display is integrated with ambient light sensor, yes the same which iDevices comes with which allows the display to adjust the display according to the room environment.

Thunderbolt display is supported by Thunderbolt-enabled Mac computer, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. If you are in love with iMac and have budget limitations, you better buy this Thunderbolt display it can turn your MacMini into an iMac (ofcoruse, if you look the other way round)

Thunderbolt Display is available in only 27inch variant priced for Rs. 59,700/- INR

All these Major Advancements for Mac’s have already been reached Indian shores and are available at Apple iStore or Apple online store.