Manage Sales, Take field Notes and Spot trends with Podio: An application for Android and iPhone

To save time and make work process much simpler many phone users often look for a mobile application that can report expenses, manage sales, take field notes and spot trends. Podio, the Danish online workspace puts an end to this search.

The application with the help of its powerful web-based app builder allows the users to create social work apps (mentioned later) for Android and iPhones. The work platform of Podio handles the education, engineering and finance related projects extremely well, putting all the core functionality in your pocket.

All the user is required to do is create a Podio account. To do this:

  1. Visit and sign-up for an account (use your browser since it is not possible from within the application).
  2. Furnish the basic information i.e. Username and Password details.
  3. Select 3 ‘Spaces’, offered by the Podio service, if unsure about the selection bypass the step.
  4. Once done, you are ready to use the application.


Description of the 3 Spaces:

By default Podio service offers 3 Spaces namely,

  • Intranet– It is a broadcasting platform for all the members of a project. The applications that come under it include Bulletins, staff meetings and Document templates.
  • Lead Management– This space includes directory for any past transactions, sales records and meetings.
  • Project collaboration– Undoubtedly, it is the most essential Space of Podio. After a task has been assigned the application serves constant reminders to the related members, prompting the deadline to meet.


To get your work done in a smarter way the customized Podio mobile homescreen (iPhone and Android phones) offers social work platform like:


  • Post images and text directly from your phone


  • Create and delegate tasks
  • Comment on tasks
  • Keep track of delegated and completed tasks


  • All your contacts available, integrated with your phonebook
  • Assign tasks and write messages to any of your contacts


  • Send and receive private messages
  • Stay on top of important notifications, invitations etc


  • Download Podio for Android device.

  • Download Podio for iOS device.