Measure Any Plug-in Impact on a Website Load Time using P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

The basis of any successful website is its speed! Websites with good speed impact search engines and users. There are tons of plug-ins and many online tools that guarantee to improve the overall speed and performance of your website. How about having a one for WordPress that allows measuring the impact of installed plug-ins on your website’s load time? Check out Godaddy’s latest innovation – P3, Plugin Performance Profiler!

Often, you may find WordPress sites are slow in performance and take time to load. This happens so, because of poorly configured plug-ins. Also, the more plug-ins you have, the slower your site may become. With the use of this plug-in you will be in a position to determine the cause of your site’s slowness or delay.

The ingenious plug-in creates a profile of individual plug-in performance by measuring its impact on your site’s load time and stores them in results file. If you find that the impact of a plug-in is too high, or if an installed plug-in is taking up a lot of resources, you may have to consider replacing it or removing it completely from the site.

How to use P3 Plugin Performance Profiler?

  • Download the plug-in from the HomePage and install it manually on your blog
  • Once installed, go to its settings page and click ‘Start Scan’ to run a performance scan of your website

  • The scan generates some traffic on your site and monitors your site’s performance on the server
  • Once the scan is completed, click ‘View Results’ and from there onwards you can choose your next step, based on what you find
  • The scan window along with the result will display the following tabs,
  1. Runtime by Plug-in
  2. Detailed Breakdown
  3. Simple Timeline
  4. Detailed timeline
  • ‘Detailed Breakdown’ tab helps you visualize which plug-ins are slowing your site down the most

  • On the other hand, ‘Detailed Timeline’ shows a breakdown of how your pages are loaded. This includes,
  1. Timing information for every plug-in
  2. Timing information for your theme
  3. Timing information for the WordPress core

The stored results can then be forwarded to your website support team for making them aware of the causes that are affecting your website’s performance. This helps to pinpoint the issues and steer the development of site in the right direction.

One might observe only basic statistics with no detailed images if he is using IE 8 or lower. P3 Plug-in Performance Profiler uses the canvas element for drawing charts and requires Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or IE9 or later.