MeeGo finally receives an update – and what it means!

Nokia released the much needed update for its mobile phone operating system MeeGo this week along with its White N9 smart phone at the Nokia World. This updates comes in direct contradiction to the previous reports which suggested that Nokia would be “killing” MeeGo to make way for the Windows Phone operating system and evidences also suggested the same thing as Nokia N9 went to become first device ever to be launched on the same day on which its OS was cancelled. The future of N9 was shattered as it was the first and last major release from Nokia enjoying MeeGo benefits before the company lines up its devices for Windows Phone 7.

Meego update launch

The update released by Nokia focuses on fixing certain bugs and irregularities in MeeGo. The update also focuses on NFC tag reading and major improvements in the fields of usability. Nokia plans to implement NFC technology to all of its smart phones. NFC technology enables the user to pair his device with any other NFC device for data transfer or device control.

The new MeeGo update will enable N9 users to pair with Nokia’s Luna Bluetooth Headset and Nokia Play 360 and control it from the phone. The new update adds various gestures and tricks to enhance the user experience. Applications can now be closed by swiping them down. Lock screen and music controls are also revamped.

The lock Screen now features new music controls for quick access. Nokia has confirmed that it will make the MeeGo update available to existing N9 users in the next quarter.


The operating system founded by the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer in co ordination with Intel is a Linux based operating system. First launched in February 2010, MeeGo was primarily designed and targeted at mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and net books. Unfortunately with stiff competition from Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone, MeeGo failed to hold off any market share. MeeGo was deployed by Nokia in its N9 and N900 smartphone.

Unfortunately by June it was clear that MeeGo was a complete commercial failure and Nokia had started focusing its efforts on deploying Windows Phone operating system to its line of new age smart phones.


  1. yeah, but sadly Nokia made announcement that all its future smart phones will sport Windows Phone OS and thus its ruled out MeeGo :(

  2. “Unfortunately by June it was clear that MeeGo was a complete commercial failure”

    Not sure where this comes from, no real commercial device was available at that time. MeeGo has never been given a chance to become a success or failure. The N9 is an incredible little piece of machinery, I hope it has a chance to be more than just a “concept car”.

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