Mega cloud storage launches official Android app. Download now!

Mega, the cloud and file storage with encryption and the creation of Internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has announced an official client application for Android. The application is a third-party client acquired by Mega and offers full access to its suite’s features. This is a big step towards legitimacy by Mega, whose founder Dotcom was accused of costing the entertainment industry $500 million. The client offers a range of features including photo sync, upload, file management and search.

Mega for Android

Here is a complete list of features:

  • Browse your MEGA storage account
  • Fast upload and download files from your Android device
  • Camera Sync, upload your photos and videos to MEGA automatically
  • Search for files within your MEGA account
  • Create a public link to files in your MEGA account
  • Download, Delete files, Rename files, Move files, and Create folders

To start off, Mega offers its users 50 GB of free storage and promises free encryption for all its files. It even offers the keys for encryption to the user.  The company says that it plans to make an iOS app and Windows client soon.


Here is a complete ChangeLog for the app:

  • New design
  • Using same thumbnails as All current thumbnails will be removed. To get thumbnails for your images, just re-download them. All new images will have thumbnails.
  • Fixed bug for some devices when default folder for Camera Sync didn’t work
  • Added option to select absolutely any folder on your device (just press back button a few times)
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

The app is now maintained by Mega contractors. The app seems to be a great free cloud storage option with encryption. 50 GB are more than any other cloud storage will offer, with very few exceptions. We might be a bit concerned if it will continue its operations, now that it has been taken down once. Like, they say, history repeats itself, and if it did this time, you will end up losing your data or forced to take it down. It never hurts to try, so click the link to download the app from the Google Play Store.

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