How to get Metro UI on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Windows Phone 7 operating system is well-known for its unique Metro user interface. Its unique and smooth transitions along with live tiles makes it a lovable device. If you don’t have a Windows Phone 7 device but still want its bling you can get it on your iPhone or iPad using a Dreamb0ard theme.


OS7 is a Dreamb0ard theme which blends the taste of Metro UI on an iPhone. It looks like original Windows Phone 7 interface, which makes it difficult to distinguish it as an iPhone.

OS7 replaces the native home screen of iOS with stacks of pinned tiles along with other icons. Being a Dreamb0ard theme, it has limited functionality. It doesn’t completely work as the original Metro UI but at least offers you a some of the functions.

OS7 is available for FREE from ModMyi repo in Cydia Store.

Metro 8

Metro 8 is the best and the perfect Metro UI theme which brings Windows 8 experience on your iDevice. Unlike OS7, Metro 8 comes with rich graphics and icons that is inspired by the new XBOX interface.

Metro 8 has a scroll-able start menu with all the apps, icon badges and also access to all the hubs. Three hub includes Games, Medias and Social Hub. It also comes with landscape mode which makes it look like a tablet running Windows 8.

Metro 8 is available for $2.99 from ModMyi repo in Cydia Store.


iMetro is a beautiful Windows 8 theme for iPad that is inspired by OS7 and Metro 8. Still in Beta stage, it brings the complete experience of upcoming Windows 8 based tablets on your iPad.

It provides much more advanced features such as Editable Small Tiles, Personalize Menu, Live Social tiles, Full app view, etc. with easy functioning. It’s as smooth as the original Window 8 and it is also coming with new features in the stable release.

iMetro is available for FREE from ModMyi.