Microsoft Office coming on iPad and Android Tablets Soon

Just a few days back, Microsoft Office apps arrived on the Symbian Devices. The Microsoft Office apps were made available on the Nokia Store for Symbian which were upgraded to the latest version of Symbian OS i.e. Symbian Belle.

Microsoft Office App Coming on Tablets

Now we have some great news for the Apple iPad and Android tablets users coming from the rumor corner of Microsoft. Some rumors have popped up. These rumors suggest that Microsoft might be planning to release their Office Suite i.e. Microsoft Office, for the Apple iPad and Android Tablets soon. According to the news we got, the development of the Office suite for the Apple iPads and Android Tablets is already in progress and it’s expected that the full version of the Microsoft Office for the platforms in the month of November this year. So add a couple of months more, until you check in Microsoft Office on your tablet. This is a good move from Microsoft!

Tablets have taken a lot of share in the market. In the past one year, tablets have gained a lot of attraction from the audience. This has resulted in a variety of Tablets from different manufacturers. So how can software providers stay behind in the line? We have already seen adobe providing Photoshop apps for Apple iPad in the past. Tablet Users look around for a good office suite in the app stores but they don’t find any. Microsoft Office for the tablets is really a good move from the Microsoft.

According to the sources, the Microsoft Office can also come for Apple iPhones and iPods. The Splash screen of the Microsoft Office app which was running on the Apple iPad stated Microsoft Office for iOS, not just Microsoft Office for iPad.

We are waiting for the Microsoft Office to arrive on tablets? What about you?

Source: BGR.

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  1. they are late to enter in tablet market, open source office packs are already available on every platform now, and the only success mantra for ms now is to distribute office free instead of charging for it.

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