Microsoft Replacing Recent Firmware Affected XBOX With New One

Microsoft recently released an update to their XBOX 360 Consoles. But, now some Xbox 360 owners are finding a “disk unsupported” or “disk unreadable” error after updating their consoles with this update. This release costs Microsoft heavily, where they only found the fix to this error is to replace the consoles. Microsoft learnt from Sony’s recent troubles (Massive hack to their online networks) with disgruntled gamers who were left out of the PlayStation Network for nearly a month.

One frequent XBOX 360 user complained about this problem in Forum:

“After I downloaded the new update today, a few of my games pop up with a disc error when it [tried] to load up. It worked fine the day before”.

This XBOX 360 update release is not the upcoming one that will allow Xbox LIVE customers to purchase content through their PayPal accounts. This PayPal related update is part of the beta has been rigorously tested across all Xbox 360 models and there are no known compatibility issues.

After the Sony PlayStation Network Hack, Microsoft also faced some problem in their XBOX Live website. Now, this problem became so hard to digest. But, the company is not willing to lose the customers. Through Xbox LIVE, Microsoft is proactively offering a new Xbox 360 S (250 GB) plus a one-year free subscription to the affected customers.

One of the famous Xbox gamers, Avery Penn found out that his console is eligible for a new one by email. His DVD drive of XBOX 360 failed and could no longer load any games in the console. His 60 GB- Microsoft XBOX 360 Pro was bought in 2009 and has a LiteOn DVD drive.

This problamatic update reflashes the DVD drive of XBOX 360 to a new stock firmware, and adds support for new XGD3 disk format. This update was released on the intention to allow an extra GB of usable storage on game discs. According to some expert sources, this new update is supposed to fire up the XBOX 360’s capacity of detecting pirated disks and non-retail disks and prevent the pirate supporter from playing the full game in the future. But, this seems to be more loss to Microsoft.

You may contact Xbox Support here or XboxSupport on Twitter, if you have any problem in your XBOX 360 by the latest firmware update. We will update you on any future update on this issue. Subscribe to the latest Tech updates here. Comments are welcome.