Microsoft Xbox One Specifications, Features and everything else you need to know

Microsoft unveiled its next generation gaming and entertainment console Microsoft Xbox One. Microsoft is targeting it to be all in one complete entertainment and gaming device.

Specifications and a new Kinect sensor

A new Kinect motion sensor that support voice controls will be bundled with every new Xbox one device. It will come with a 1080p RGB camera with 30fps sensing and ‘time of flight’ adjustment for how long it takes for the light to get from Kinect to the user and back. It can track your heart rate, happiness level and your hands. According to Microsoft it will be more precise and responsive.

Xbox One

Here is a complete list of specifications for the actual device:

  • 8 core x86 CPU
  • AMD graphics processor
  • 8 GB of RAM with 500 GB of Hard Disk Drive
  • Blue-ray Drive slot at the front and internal storage expansion via external drives
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0, HDMI In/Out Jack, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct

Xbox Live and software details

Xbox live will come with ‘Game DVR’ that will allow users to record and share their gameplay videos with friends. It will have a ‘Smart Match’ functionality that will estimate the time when you’ll enter the multiplayer game. The games can be played as they are being downloaded, in addition to the conventional achievements offering and a premium Gold subscription.

Skype for Xbox One has been specially designed to enable you to voice or video chat with friends on TV in HD. It also has a first group Skype call feature for TV.

TV on Xbox One will allow you to navigate and watch live TV from your cable operator, telco or your set-top box via the HDMI-in port. For US citizens, it will offer streaming via the likes of ESPN and Netflix.

Snap allows you to do two things at once on the big screen like playing a game/talking on Skype while watching your favorite movie.

Trending will discover popular entertainment among your friends while OneGuide will find content for you.

Game Titles and Gaming

Microsoft added that there would be 15 exclusive games for the first year of Xbox One including the ones announced like EA’s Madden NFL 25, Forza Motorsport 5, NBA Live 14, FIFA 14, and EA Sports UFC and Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. More titles will come at Microsoft’s E3 event on June 10.

Without going into the pricing details, Microsoft has announced that it will allow players to borrow games and play them with their Xbox Live ID.

Features and facts

  • It won’t require an always-on Internet but it will require Internet at times. Playing games, watching TV and Blu-ray movies won’t be interrupted due to absence of the Internet.
  • It will be running three OS’s simultaneously including Xbox OS, trimmed down version of Windows 8 and other proprietary software that enables multitasking.
  • The new Kinect has an improved microphone inbuilt which supports voice commands across TV, games and apps. “Xbox On” will throw a tailored Home dashboard in your face and the following “Go to Skype” or “Go to TV” will execute the ordered command.
  • As it is based on new x86 architecture, it won’t be backward compatible with Xbox 360 or support transfers of XBLA games. Competitor Sony’s PlayStation 4 is no good as well, as it won’t play PlayStation 3 games either.
  • Microsoft and Steven Spielberg have collectively announced ‘premium’ Halo TV series for Xbox.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed any pricing or availability details but it has added that it will make another announcement when it launches the Xbox One around the world. Microsoft is allowing users to sign up to get notified of its availability. You can also learn more about the Xbox One at its official website. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for more such news related to phones and tablets.