9 Million Units of Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-ordered by now

The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced around two weeks ago. And it will land into the markets on 29th of this month. Expectations are quite high from Samsung Galaxy S III. The Android phone is powered by a lot of features which takes it to the new level. The Samsung Galaxy S III is up for pre-orders. The pre-ordered phones will start shipping from 29th May only.

9 million Samsung Galaxy S III pre-ordered

Shocking stats has come out under the bench of Samsung Mobile. According to a report from Korea Economic Daily so far, 9 million units of Samsung Galaxy S III have been pre-ordered. This report slipped out from a Samsung Executive. This is nine times more than the sales of Samsung galaxy S II in the first week.

If the reports are true, then we are going to see the markets flooded by Samsung Galaxy S III. A few days ago Samsung Galaxy S II reached the 20 million mark. Samsung Galaxy S III hasn’t entered the market yet and it has already reached the halfway of the sales of Samsung Galaxy S II. It has already past the total number of sales of HTC One X. Nokia Lumia 900 also stands behind the line.
We can assume that over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S III devices will be sold out at the end of this year only.

Over the past months, Samsung has dominated the Smartphone market. They are ahead of Apple, HTC and Nokia in terms of sales. And it seems that Samsung won’t be coming down anytime soon. With the line of its powerful devices like Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung has gained success to grab the attention of audience. Samsung will continue to dominate the minds of the people unless anyone else comes with a new innovation having a decent price tag.

Source: Korea Economic Daily.