Mingly: Bring your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts to your Gmail Account

The private organizations feel that Social Network websites affects the productivity of their employees and they block the access to them. If you are the person like me who have addicted to Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn Social network websites and can’t live without seeing the updates of it, then here you have a website which brings all your favorite Social network updates to your Gmail account avoiding you the hassle of visiting every website.

Mingly is the website which brings all your Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn right into your Gmail account. This works well on Firefox and Chrome browsers which brings all your updates, messages, reminders, Tweets and your social network contacts to your Gmail account.

Using Mingly you can send Tweets, Post a message on Facebook Friends Wall or send private message, Send LinkedIn message and email a friend. This is available as a Chrome Extension and Firefox Addon.

After heading to this website hit ‘Get Mingly ’ button at the bottom of the website, later enter your Gmail login information then it automatically installs either Chrome extension or Firefox add-on based on your browser preference.

After installation of Mingly then it automatically navigates you to your Gmail Inbox where you need to enter your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn login Info. Then you can use it for the first time. It synchronizes all your social network contacts and integrate them with the Gmail contacts.

If you want to send a Tweet or message a post on Facebook friends wall using Mingly then go to contacts page and hit the email symbol at someone’s contact to whom you need to send the message then send the message.

For me its a best alternative to view your Facebook or Twitter updates if your office has blocked access to these websites directly.


  1. Oh GMail!
    I hate it,It’s not my personal choice.
    Many acoounts are hacked by this shit gmail.
    Hotmail is much better.
    And as the article is about bringing all in one social networks in one GMail.
    This is not new,and Hotmail has from many years i.e “Connecting Social Networking”
    Which was quite good on MSN too cse we can chat with FB friends,see updates etc etc.
    And the small bad thing is that Hotmail-Twitter connecting is not there. :(
    But I can say Hotmail is much better than GmAIL. :)

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