How to use MIT App Inventor for building Android Apps

Google’s Android OS is now the most widely used platform for developing games and applications. By capturing a total market share of 35 percent last year, it surpassed all its competitors in the market.

The driving force behind such a huge success is that it is being led by the most trusted online brand in market “Google”. In addition, Android, being an Open Source project, helps a developer to get there problems solved instantly; all thanks to its vast online resource and forum all over the world.

To develop apps for Android in much easier way, without writing codes or installing software Google has introduced App-Inventor. The application helps people even with little or no technological background to build an Android application successfully. And yes with ‘Zero-Coding‘!

The service that was originally developed by Google is now being maintained by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It allows people who are not much familiar with programming to design application for Android Operating System (OS). The web based application via its graphical user interface allows user to drag and drop visual objects which help in creating an application for an Android device.

The application tries to bring out the creative side of an individual as it allows every individual using it to create an app, a  ‘Master-piece’ for their Android devices. In the coming days I would be writing a series of articles on how to develop an Android application using App-Inventor. The series will hopefully acquaint you with all the new acronyms and notations and will make process of developing an application for Android a fun-filled experience.

So stay tuned to ‘The Geeks Club’ for  further information on developing application on  App–Inventor.

Cheers and Happy Reading. :-)

Courtesy:  App-Inventor Homepage