Moto X rumors, customization options, blur-free camera and hands-on video

It has been raining cats and dogs with Motorola Moto X rumors. Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was spotted using an unidentified Smartphone which is most likely to be the Moto X at the Allen and Co. annual conference in Sun Valley. Italian site revealed several shots of the same. According to a recently leaked Verizon roadmap, the much hyped Smartphone will be released around August 23.

Moto X

According to a recent Google+ post by Android and Me founder Taylor Wimberly, there will be several back cover customization options for Moto X including plastic, wood, metal, ceramic and even fabric. According to Wimberly, wood and plastic options will be available at the time of launch while others will be available after the August 23 release. He also revealed that US carrier AT&T has secured some kind of exclusive for Moto X, but the exact nature is unclear right now.

A Moto Magic video by user kronikbudz on Vimeo revealed a feature called Open Mic. The feature allows voice commands to be executed from the lock screen. The phone is first unlocked via the default “OK Moto Magic” or any other custom command and then the requested command is executed via Google Now. In addition, its specifications were once again confirmed for the AT&T GSM variant. The Smartphone will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, Adreno 320 GPU and a 720p display.


The same user also ran a CPU identifier and benchmarking app on Moto X and posted the results on a Reddit thread. He revealed that the screen measured 4.7 inches. Also, the CPU was identified to be a 1.7 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 Plus, which is incoherent with Adreno 320 GPU. We suspect that it should actually be a Snapdragon S4 Pro. The most unusual thing is that the video puts the benchmark at the top of Leaderboard, the suggestion that it might actually be a high-end Smartphone after all.

Last but not the least; Motorola also teased a blur-free camera on its Moto X via its official Twitter account Motorola Mobility. The earlier rumors put the Smartphone camera at 10 MP, which is nothing extraordinary, but there might be a presence of blur free technology to get the best pictures possible. Fast shutter is not very effective, and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is the best thing for blur-free pictures, supported only by Galaxy S4 Zoom, HTC One and Nokia Lumia 1020 till now. So our guess is that we might see OIS on Moto X’s camera.

We suggest you take everything with a pinch of salt until the confirmation is upon us. Stay tuned to our blog and follow us on Google+, Twitter and Facebook for more news related to phones, gadgets and tablets.