Motorola Droid 3 for Verizon Video Tutorials, Tech Specs and Avalability Details Leaked

Verizon and Motorola, kept a darkest secret and didn’t even gave any hint, regarding the release of the new Droid from Motorola. Unlike other smartphones which get leaked months before there release or either in their prototype stages.

Couple of years before the Motorola Droid went on sale from Verizon which got a  high demand and proved out to be the number one selling phone for Verizon got a new model now. Well, its a happy news for the users of Motorola Droid as their two year service contract is about to end which will be welcomed by DROID 3 hopefully.

Today PhonePads obtained some leak tutorials of Motorola Droid 3, which revealed many of the secrets but not all. Looking at the tutorials DROID 3 is successor after DROID and DROID X2 which gets added in the same DROID family form  factor. Even though the build is same as of the previous DROID’s but DROID 3 comes with improved functionality.

The physical qwerty keyboard of the previous phones has been improved to 5 row format including dedicated row for numbers, allowing users to have user friendly typing. Droid 3 gets even better and shows off 8 Megapixel camera on the rear side of the device allowing users to snap photos at resolution of 3264×2448 pixels.In addition to this,a video recording supporting 1080p (FullHD) is supported by it. However it is not built with camera shutter button for easy camera toggling.

Like most of the other smart phones, today Droid 3 also comes with HDMI-out port for broadcasting your recorded High Definitions on HDTV’s and microUSB for data transfer, which is on the left of the device.  Same as that of Motorola Droid X2. And also the joint volume buttons  on the other side.

The tutorial could clear only these specifications of the phone, the remaining specifications regarding the operating system, CPU, RAM, internal memory and also the supported connectivity by Verizon which could be either 4G LTE or 3G is about to be revealed.

The leaked tutorials were available of YouTube for sometime but now the videos are no longer available due to a copyright claim by Motorola Mobility.

Check all the details at Official Website.

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