Motorola Droid Global 2 getting Gingerbread update

Recently we worked over the list where we mentioned the phones getting Gingerbread updates by this year-end. I didn’t mention any Motorola phones as many phone had already received the update and some updates were on the board. Motorola DROID smartphone family has started getting ¬†Gingerbread update recently which included Motorola DROID X, Motorola DROID PRO. After these two brothers, Motorola DROID Global 2 is receiving the update soon.

Verizon on its website listed a pdf manual where they featured Motorola DROID Global 2 with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The manual has described the benefits of Gingerbread update on your phone. The software version for DROID Global 2 will be Version.4.5.600.A956.Verizon.en.US which is nothing but Gingerbread update with several enhancements.

The enhancements include a new download manager for downloading applications, mail attachments and variety of files over the web. You will also be able to “Manage Applications” and know the amount of memory and storage used by each application. Internal Memory as well as microSD card encryption has been enabled providing secure data storage.

The phone is customized with new widgets as well as new icons plus new colors for different screens. Exciting new feature is – shortcut for numeric buttons – that means you’ll able to type numeric without switching to numeric mode and just by certain combination on the same virtual qwerty keyboard. Battery performance has also been developed and it provides improved battery life while WiFi in usage.

This software brings some pre-loaded applications to the phone which include Adobe Flash Player update to version 10.2 and additionally Google Books, Accuweather, Amazon MP3 Store, Blockbuster, V CAST Apps.

Verizon Motorola DROID Global 2, its time to rejoice! Your phone will be something different after this update – in performance as well as looks. It will be faster and better performer. Still there is no announcement of the release date for the upgrade, I am expecting it to be over the air in two weeks.

Check out Verizon’s official website.