Motorola will make Google Smart Watch: Report

The folks at Android Authority have revealed in a post that sources close to Google have confirmed to them that Google Smart Watch is indeed real and will be developed by Motorola. According to the report, the Google Smart Watch will feature Google Glass inspired functionality with the card like interface on the lines of Google Now, with left swipes indicating what is coming up.

“We’ve heard it now and again, but the Android Smart Watch is now in physical form. The watch has been shown in at least three different Google offices: Berlin, Manchester, and Mountain View. We were told the original watch rumors popped up when displayed in a rough form at the Berlin and Manchester offices. Having recently been shown off at the Mountain View campus, the watch is set for release sometime soon,” added the report.

Google Smart Watch

The source further tells them that the device will still need tethering and won’t be a standalone device. It remains to be seen whether it could to tethered directly to Google Glass eliminating the Smartphone or it requires specifically a Smartphone for tethering. The source confirms Motorola as the manufacturer. This makes sense as Google owns Motorola so it can have the device developed in whatever way it requires and Motorola has had some experience in this field when it offered a health related Smartwatch MOTOACTV once.

Google is not the only company making the Smartwatch. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG are also in the process of making a Smartwatch. We came to know about Google’s plans of launching a Smart Watch a few days ago when it applied for a touch sensitive wristband patent. Google is trying to become one of the pioneers in wearable technology and Smartwatch might prove to be another goal in its favor.

The watch won’t be launched any time soon since Google will be focusing on Gaming related announcement, Android updates and tablet related upgrades at its Google I/O Conference on 15th May, 2013. Even though there have been a lot of suggestions and leaks related to Google Smart Watch, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt. You can read the complete report from Android Authority here. Keep following us for more such news related to phones, tablets and computers and follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to keep you updated.