Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review and Pricing

While listening to the music all day long, headsets with earbuds design can cause irritation to ear. In such cases, earpad design works best and if is associated with added comfort of cushion and Bluetooth connectivity listening to music is fun. Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo headsets are specially designed for all day listening, providing excellent sound quality and cushion comfort. With offer price tag of $32.99 on, this accessory is worth buying for your iPhone, iPod or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

Moto S305


Specifically designed to work with Apple iPod, S305 features behind-the-head design. Earpads can be rotated to fit user’s ears but neckband lacks adjustment settings. If you have bigger head, neckband will fit to your neck and for those will smaller skull, it will float behind head. In either case it’s not at all nagging. Though it is designed for Apple device, the product is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.


Featuring black and silver design, S305 offers attractive looks. Compared to its contemporaries, S305 are much lighter making them easy to carry around. Soft foam on earpad provides pleasing experience no matter how much time you are stick to headphones. All controls for accepting calls and playing music are located on right earpad. However, volume control is bit complicatedly placed to access.

One Key Answer to Incoming Calls

With wired headphones, there is a microphone that can be used for incoming calls. Motorola S305 features a tiny microphone behind right earpad that is designed to catch every word of your voice. As compared to other products in market, calling on S305 is works best. Though it won’t completely cancel out voices in surroundings, person on other end can clearly hear to you.

Whenever call interrupts during your listening exercise, music automatically pauses and then resumes after call is over. One just has to press Call key embedded on right pad to accept incoming call.


Rich Music Experience

S305 is a performer when it comes to specifications offered for listening to music. Delivering warm and crystal clear tones, S305 ensures best music experience. Thanks to 30 mm speakers’ duo, rich music surrounding is guaranteed when it comes to Motorola S305. Dynamic audio and heavy bass are one of the noticeable features of this gadget.

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