Motorola Smartwatch in the making, suggests the opening for a Senior Director of Industrial Design

Smartwatches will be the next wave of future innovation and companies are lining up to get on to the bandwagon. LG, Samsung, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Apple and Google are all working on their versions to get a piece of the wearable technology market which is set to explode next year. A job listing by Motorola for a Senior Director of Industrial Design for wearables suggests that it is not far behind.


The job posting requires an experienced and courageous leader with “champion innovation and institute best practices to create a new world-class wearable’s design group within Motorola.”  The goal is on creating a new Motorola:

Our ambition is to make Motorola a recognized leader in the design of all things mobile. We will do this by creating product experiences that are lead by consumer insight and intuition, keen design sensibility and cutting edge technologies. We want our products and brand to be experienced and loved by millions of people worldwide. We want to create the new Motorola.

Motorola is not new to wearables. It was, in fact, one of the first ones in the industry to reveal a Smartwatch. The MOTOACTV Smartwatch featured in the image above wasn’t a successful product at that time, but this time Motorola also has its parent company Google to its rescue. Google has already worked on a much hyped Google Glass and is rumored to be working on a Smartwatch of its own, though some previous rumors suggested that Motorola might make Google Smartwatch.

Motoactv Smartwatch

Motorola wearable devices have the potential to create a buzz, and we will keep an eye out for more news in the future. Smartwatch market is set to burst with expected shipment of 5 million units next year, but if you can’t wait to get one, try the Sony’s 2nd Generation Smartwatch or Pebble, which are your best bet as of now. If you already own one, let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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